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When selecting a Natural Stone Countertop, you can look at the different types, finishes, appearances, thicknesses and textures, which make up the beauty of natural stones. One great thing about natural stone is that no two stones are alike, making every single kitchen one of a kind. There are many forms of natural stone that consumers can choose from: granite, marble, soapstone, slate and more.

One reason why natural stone is a favorite for a countertop is that the finishes applied add on to the beauty and durability. Some popular natural stone finishes are polished, honed, flamed and tumbled.

Granite & Marble – Considered second to diamonds in hardness, granite is the most popular choice. Granite is chosen for durability and its rich composition of quartz crystals, mica, and feldspar trapped within. Chosen for its smoothness and vein-like textures, marble is added to a section of a whole countertop by those who like to bake. Both granite and marble give off different appearances compared to other natural stone products, which is why they are popular.

Soapstone – Soapstone is quarried just like marble and granite with components of magnesite, dolomite, chlorite and talc. Soapstone comes in colors of blue, green and gray, and if mineral oil is applied consistently, it will bring out a charcoal-gray color making it look older and much more elegant.

Slate – Slate countertops are liked because of their high resistance to heat, but are highly susceptible to scratches.